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3 Reasons You Should Get a Split AC System

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A split ac system provides a lot of really great benefits, one being that it cools down a lot faster! Read this article to learn the reasons why to invest.

With summer rapidly approaching, now is the time to look into getting a new air conditioning unit. If you don’t want to worry about breaking down walls, look beyond traditional options.

One of the most popular models is the split AC system unit. Take a look at the three reasons you need to purchase one before summer kicks in.

The System Is Energy Efficient

One of the biggest benefits of having a split AC system is that the unit will be energy efficient. You won’t have to deal with air leaks, so you’ll pay less on your bills.

Since the unit won’t need to work extra hard to make up for the missing air, it will be able to run more efficiently. As a result, it will use less power – especially when running continuously.

Having the system shut on and off at periodic points will just increase your electric bill in the long run.

Easy Installation

Another major benefit of purchasing a split AC system is the quick installation of the unit.

Standard AC units may require you to work around a section of a window or breaking down a piece of a wall. A split system involves just two easy steps.

The first step is to install the outdoor portion of the unit. The second involves connecting the indoor portion of the unit together. This process takes one day, while installing a regular unit may take days or weeks at a time.

Saving time on installation will also save you money in the long run since you won’t have to hire a construction crew to make changes to your household.


Better Quality of Air

The final benefit to using a split system is that the air in your home will be a lot cleaner.

Ducted AC systems will have debris in the air, which can mix in with the clean air coming out of the unit. This can affect your health, causing respiratory problems.

If you live in an area filled with pollution and poor quality of air, using a ductless system will keep the potentially toxic air out of your home.

A ductless unit will not only push out clean air but also improve the quality of air in your home.

Since the split system has a unique installation process, it won’t be hard to clean it and perform routine maintenance.


Is a Split AC System Right for You?

Before buying an AC unit, make sure you understand the differences between a ducted and a ductless system. The right unit will save you time and money in the long run.

Keeping the quality of air in your home clean is also a major bonus to purchasing a ductless system.

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Professional Air Conditioning Services

Professional Air Conditioning Services

The Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Services

What Kind of Air Conditioning Services Do You Need?

Are you considering servicing your own AC unit? Before you do, here are the many benefits of using professional air conditioning services.

What’s worse than having your air conditioner break in the middle of summer? Not being able to get it fixed the same day.

Some folks will try to do the repairs themselves but to no avail. This may be due to a shortage of AC repairmen, or it could be due to lack of trust in air conditioning services.

But going this route could land you in more hot water (or air), so it’s counterproductive. If you don’t think so, maybe the following list of benefits will help change your mind.

Ensure Your Repair or Replacement Is Done Efficiently

Installing or repairing a mechanical device as important as an HVAC unit isn’t something to take lightly. Not only could you end up damaging the machine, but you could potentially injure yourself.

There are proper procedures that have to be adhered to ensure everything runs smoothly once reconnected to your home. When done properly, it’s more likely for your unit to run energy efficiently, rather than running up your light bill.

Improve the Longevity of Your Equipment

When a professional installs or repairs your air conditioning unit, it’s more likely to last longer. There are many small details that go into the installation and repair of an AC system. This includes putting in all the bolts, seals and electrical connections.

Even the placement within the space it’s installed into has to be correct. So unless you’re knowledgeable about this, it would be best to leave it to professional air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Services Comes with Guarantees

What happens if you repair or replace your AC system and it stops working again? Or worse, it breaks and needs replacing? You will have to foot the bill and either install it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

So it’s smarter to have an AC repair service provider do it in the first place, so you’re guaranteed satisfaction. And when something goes wrong, you can contact them to come and fix it at no charge to you.

Warranties also make it worthwhile to hire a repairman. Ask the AC repair company about their guarantees and warranties before you hire them.

Get the Proper AC Unit

Before you purchase a new system for your home, it’s good to speak with an expert. This way, you can ensure you’re getting the right model for your property. You don’t want to go through the hassle of sending it back because you bought the wrong size.

Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

The benefit that tops them all is that you can ensure your entire home is cooled when it needs to be. The summer heat in Dubai can be deadly, so why take chances?

Air conditioning services will guarantee your HVAC system is working properly throughout the summer.

Have Your AC Repaired by a Professional

At Aircon Repair & Maintenance Services in Dubai, you can ensure your property is cool during the summer months.

Contact us if you find your AC isn’t working, won’t turn off or is leaking fluid. Call today to get a free estimate.