What Are the Most Common Air Conditioning Problems in Dubai

What Are the Most Common Air Conditioning Problems?

Are you experiencing problems with your air conditioning system at home? Here are the most common air conditioning problems so you know you’re not alone.

Are air conditioning problems driving you crazy? Many common AC problems are easily fixed, especially with the help of a professional.

Our company provides a wide range of air conditioning services.

An air conditioner that isn’t working may tempt you to take repair matters into your own hands.

There are many unforeseen risks that come with inexperienced home repair projects. Over 13 million people injure themselves each year repairing their home.

You don’t want to risk injuring yourself, or worse, over a faulty air conditioning unit. Air conditioners include electric components and sharp objects, two things not to be tampered with.

In this article, you will learn the causes and solutions to the most common air conditioning problems.

Strange Noises are Signs of Air Conditioning Problems

Hearing strange noises in the home is rarely a good thing. Unfortunately, hearing noises from an air conditioner could mean many problems.

A worn fan belt is often the reason for an air conditioner making a grinding noise. Sometimes, small animals or debris can make their way into an AC unit. These intrusions can bend fan blades which also impacts air flow into the home.

Consider giving us a call when noticing strange sounds coming from your air conditioner.

Our team of professionals can access interior equipment to remove any problems.

Air Conditioner is Blowing Out Hot Air 🙁

It’s frustrating when an air conditioner feels more like a heater.

There are many reasons an AC unit will only send out hot air.

One main reason for a room of full of hot air is a clogged air filter. These filters catch and filter harmful particles from coming into the home.

It is recommended to change out your air filters once a month. Replacing filters once a month ensures harmful allergens are filtered out of the home.

New air filters can lead to reduced allergy symptoms for homeowners.

If replacing air filters shows no improvement, the unit could be low on refrigerant. Low refrigerant usually happens because of an internal leak in an AC unit.

In extreme heat, an air conditioner will omit hot air because the unit reached the lowest possible temperature.

AC Unit Doesn’t Work at All

A non-functioning air conditioner is most likely a connection issue.

Check the circuit breaker to make sure the air conditioning unit is turned on. You’ll also want to check the switch to the thermostat itself to ensure it is on.

Storms can sometimes kick off power to an AC unit.

You can also check to see if any wires have become disconnected or worn down. You don’t want to touch these wires, as electricity could still be present within them.

Most air conditioners have an average lifespan of 15-20 years.

Older air conditioning units may have to be entirely replaced.

Many new air conditioning units are energy efficient which helps reduce monthly utility bills.

Are you in need of a professional air conditioning repair company? If so, contact us and we will quickly take care of your AC problem!


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At the point when the filter turns out to be loaded with dust, and allergen particles, the wind current will diminish, making your system work harder than it ought to need to. The air coursing through your system might likewise get to be dirtier, dustier, and inclined to activating hypersensitivity and asthma indications for those dwelling in the house.

What should I do if my AC system breaks down frequently?

If you are confronted with numerous occurrences of hardware glitches, then you ought to start to consider supplanting your unit. Each house holder needs to get ready for this probability. While hardware can keep going for several decades, it will in the long run require replacement. It’s useful to understand that present day systems are more effective than those created as of late as 10 years prior. This implies replacing your unit will give a quick change in vitality utilize and decrease in cost.

How do I choose on the best cooling system?

Aircon service Dubai experts can do a heap computation keeping in mind the end goal to figure out what equipment will meet your family cooling requests. You might need to consider selecting a warmth pump rather than cooling system as a warmth pump will address both cooling and heating needs. A/C maintenance service Dubai can offer you some assistance with evaluating the conceivable outcomes and the costs so you can settle on the best choice.

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