Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

What You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Maintenance

An air conditioner unit is one of the greatest sources of relief from the hot summer. Learn what you need to know to keep your AC reliable.

The last thing you’ll want is for your air conditioner to break down when you most need it.

Yet, that might be the reality if you don’t embark with regular maintenance checks.

Neglecting a unit will only result in a performance decline the more it’s in use.

Here’s what you need to know about air conditioner maintenance.

The Filters

Did you know swapping a clogged filter for a clean alternative can reduce energy consumption by 5%-15%?

The best way to maximize air flow in a unit is by regularly replacing or cleaning the filters.

As you can imagine, dirty or clogged filters will reduce airflow and, as a result, the unit’s efficiency.

Not only that, but the obstructed air will then carry more dirt to the evaporator coil. This can damage the coil’s heat-absorbing capabilities.

If you have a central system, you may find the filters somewhere near the ducts length. Other common locations are the walls, furnaces, ceilings or inside the unit.

Room air conditioners often have a filtered mount inside a grill, which faces towards a room.

It’s also important to note that some filters are reusable, but some may need to be replaced.

Aim to replace or clean the filters every month during cooler seasons.

The Evaporator Coil

An evaporator coil will accumulate dirt over many months or years, whether you have a ducted split system or a ceiling split system.

As stated, a clean filter will help to reduce the level of dirt in the evaporator coil. Yet, it will still collect dirt over time, regardless.

Again, this troublesome dirt can reduce the airflow and will start to insulate the coil. Once this occurs, it will reduce its heat absorbing capacity.

The most effective way to prevent this is by checking and cleaning the evaporator coil each year.

The Condenser Coil

As you may be aware, an outdoor condenser coil can quickly become dirty. This is especially true if you live in a dusty area or it’s fixed near foliage.

It’s easy to take a look at the condenser coil to see if it has collected any dirt on the fins.

Aim to reduce debris or dirt from making its way onto the coil. Fallen leaves and lawn mowers may result in dirt affecting an air conditioner.

Try to clean the coil area and remove any debris in the system. If it is located near foliage, trim it back to at least 2 feet to boost the unit’s airflow.

The Coil Fins

An aluminum fin on a condenser or evaporator coil can be easily bent, which can block airflow.

It’s often a wise move to invest in a fin comb to help comb the fins back to their original state.

Unclog Drain Channels

A clogged drain channel can prevent a system from reducing humidity.

Not only will this reduce a unit’s performance, but the moisture can cause walls or carpet to discolor.

To prevent this from happening, pass a stiff wire through the drain channel every once in a while.

Hire Professional Air Conditioner Services

There may come a time when you need more than a simple maintenance check.

If there is no obvious reason for a reduction in airflow, or it has simply broken down, hire a professional.

At AC Dubai Service, our trained technicians provide installation, maintenance, and servicing. Our air conditioning services are also available at a competitive rate.

Are you looking for Preventive AC Maintenance in Dubai?

It’s better than never, yet spring is the crucial time to spend for a cooling system and cooling tune-up. Early A/C system maintenance and repair can avert various little issues from ending up being all the more expensive repairs later on. In addition, if your air circulation and cooling system inspection is reserved for spring, you’ll similarly pummel the long holds and higher expenses that go with top season HVAC maintenance and repair visits.

Scheduling an air conditioner inspection

A cooling system inspection or an A/C maintenance in Dubai is definitely not hard to schedule with our professional, you ought to just contact us about ending up performing vital air circulation and cooling system repair and maintenance. The best time to schedule this is in the spring or early summer, before others turns on their air cooling system recognizes it ought to be worn down.

In case you call adequately early, Our Aircon service Dubai specialist will have the ability to turn out when it’s most useful to you in order to make the final objective to guarantee your unit has been balanced and is running appropriately. Hold up until later in the summer, conversely, and you’ll find most of the masters are booked, and if require them hysterically.

Our Major Service Includes

A yearly air circulation and cooling system inspection is the simple way to deal with keep your cooling system in top condition for an impressive period of time to come. To ensure you’ll get easy and save money, efficient performance from your A/C, schedule a frequent maintenance call today for A/C service Dubai