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Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning

What is an AC Coil?

The most important part of HVAC system is a coil unit, a simple device consisting heating/cooling exchanger or coil and fan. It is used to control the temperature in the single /multiple spaces where it’s been installed. It is controlled by either manual switch or a thermostat. The main function of an AC coil is to serve you with 100% fresh and purified air without any air pollution.
Your air conditioners coils are some of the most important parts of the system. There are two types of coils in an air conditioning system: evaporator coils that blot up the heat and humidity from the air in your latitude, and condenser coils that expel that heat outside of your building.

AC Coil Cleaning and its benefits

Air conditioning coil cleaning‘s procedure is rely on specialized coil cleaning equipment and impedimenta with various extra attachments like blowers, several kind of brushes , air vacuums etc to purify and freshens the air supply and leave you and your premises with a piece of mind and fresh and prevents the health issues caused by unclean HVAC coil system.

Cleaning your air conditioners condenser coils consistently will let your HVAC system run cooler with less energy and make you feel more comfortable. The best time to clean your air conditioner is in the spring, just before you anticipate using it for the first time in the year.

The benefits of clean coils are well known. Increased system efficiency, better heat exchange properties, and healthier surroundings. That’s why coil cleaning is part of all contraceptive nurture for HVAC and refrigeration systems. However not all coils are built alike. Some are far from water and power. We have a wide range of coil cleaning systems to fit more or less any coil cleaning need like evaporator coil cleaning, condenser coil cleaning and more for residential, commercial and refrigeration coils.

Air Conditioning coil cleaning and its importance!

In order for the coils to transfer heat effectively, the surfaces need to be clean. When the outside of the condenser coil is caked with dirt and grunge/filth, the heat gets imprison inside and can’t be effectively released. Since the condenser coil is part of the outdoor unit, it gets exposed to all the smog and pollution in the Dubai City air.

When the evaporator coil gets dirty, it can’t remove as much heat and humidity from the air in your space. The evaporator coil is located indoors, but it’s still reveal to all the dust in your locate. Substantially if you forget to change the air filters regularly, it’s easy for airborne particles to clog up the evaporator coil so it doesn’t cool as effectively

Let us clean your HVAC system to leave you healthier and make your breath an ease and freshens

Most people don’t even realize that you should even clean your Air Conditioners which is worse. Is your air conditioner making your family sick? Is your air conditioner cost a lot of money to run? Do you seem to be affected by the air conditioner? Don’t wait around, have one of our experienced technicians complete a high quality air conditioning treatment for your home or business. We will come to you from as much low as we can! For a prompt, professional service guaranteed call us or use our online inquiry form today. Our call centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HVAC coil cleaning

Our service includes cleaning your filter, coil, fan and flushing the drain. We also supplies Air Wellness products to ensure the continual cleanliness of your Air Conditioning System. We pride ourselves on our service, value for money and promptness. So to ensure that your Air conditioner is clean and working efficiently. More than 80% of our customers in Dubai are either repeat or referral business. Why not join us? We always try to deliver the best possible cleaning solutions. It could be that it needs our Air Conditioning Cleaning Service Dubai. Don’t wait around, have one of our experienced technicians complete a high-quality air conditioning treatment for your home or business.

Besides the fact that your air conditioner can’t cool your space as effectively when it’s dirty, there are other consequences of dirty coils and what happened if you skip AC coil cleaning

  • Higher energy bills
  • More breakdowns
  • shorter system life
  • Asthma Attacks
  • Allergies
  • Sore dry eyes
  • Hay Fever
  • Fatigue